The Saftron Inground 3 Step Ladder Is Made Of Maintenance-Free Material!



The Saftron Inground 3 Step Ladder is made of high impact polymer with specially formulated compounds. This ensures longevity and extreme resistance to UV rays and pool chemicals such as; chlorine, acid, and salt. This ladder requires very little maintenance. The frame is reinforced with encapsulated steel which provides superior strength and durability. As the reinforcing steel core is completely encapsulated, it does not come into contact with air or chlorinated pool water so it is immune from rust or corrosion. This pool ladder comes as an easy choice for most retrofit installations, as there is no digging-up to install any grounding cables.


Ladder colour is an integral part of the material & not an after-coat: The finish will n ever chip or flake
Non-metallic composite material does not get hot in the sun
Immune to the corrosive effects of salt water chlorinator systems
Maintenance-Free Material and Finish
Three treaded steps
Available in White or Grey (Grey colour has an up charge. See Dealer for Details)

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