Hayward eVac Pro Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Caddy, 110/50/60 WALL CLIMBER E-VAC

The Hayward eVac Pro Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Caddy offers efficient, hands-free cleaning performance, allowing you to spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it. Its advanced features, energy efficiency, and ease of use make it a valuable investment for any pool owner.

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Hayward eVac Pro Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Caddy, 110/50/60 WALL CLIMBER

Our eVac series of robotic cleaners feature a new and contemporary design. Both eVac and eVac Pro by Hayward are built with the highest-quality components and proven technology that create reliable, consistent results while maximizing energy efficiency. Whether you clean your pool floor and coves with eVac or cover the floor, walls, coves and waterline with eVac Pro, the cleaners’ robust, low-profile design and top-access filters give them an added bite.

Efficient cleaning program

Uses smart steering technology that provides an efficient cleaning pattern, scouring pool floors and coves in just about 2 hours
For full pool coverage including walls and waterline, try the eVac Pro.
Easy access to debris removal

Top-access filter allows quick debris removal and easy cleanup
2 fine porosity filter elements – just remove and rinse with garden hose, no need to turn cleaner over to empty
Easy to use

Requires no hoses or hookups nor additional pumps, just let it clean
Runs separately from the pool’s filtration system reducing filter backwashing and water usage
Sensors (eVac Pro only)

Out-of-water sensor protects the motor by preventing cleaners from running out of the water
Beach-entry sensor reverses direction when pool cleaner starts climbing out of the water
NOTE: For 2016, all orders placed for eVac/eVac Pro whole good cleaner models will receive this new cleaner style – functionality remains unchanged.

The Hayward eVac Pro Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Caddy is an advanced and efficient solution for keeping your pool clean and free of debris. Here’s an overview of its features and benefits:

  1. Robotic Cleaning: The eVac Pro is a robotic pool cleaner, meaning it operates independently of your pool’s filtration system. It moves around the pool floor, walls, and waterline, actively scrubbing and vacuuming debris to leave your pool sparkling clean.
  2. Efficient Cleaning Performance: Equipped with powerful scrubbing brushes and a high-capacity debris collection system, the eVac Pro effectively removes dirt, leaves, algae, and other debris from your pool surfaces. Its advanced navigation system ensures thorough coverage and efficient cleaning in all areas of the pool.
  3. Energy Efficient Operation: Unlike traditional pool cleaners that rely on your pool’s filtration system, the eVac Pro operates on low voltage and consumes minimal energy. This not only reduces your pool’s energy consumption but also extends the lifespan of your filtration system by reducing wear and tear.
  4. Programmable Cleaning Modes: The eVac Pro offers multiple cleaning modes and scheduling options to suit your preferences. You can choose from quick clean cycles for regular maintenance or deep clean cycles for more intensive cleaning sessions. Additionally, you can program the cleaner to operate at specific times, allowing you to automate your pool cleaning routine.
  5. Easy Maintenance: With its top-access filter cartridge system, the eVac Pro is easy to maintain. Simply remove the cartridge, rinse it clean, and reinsert it into the cleaner. This hassle-free maintenance process ensures that your cleaner remains in peak operating condition with minimal effort.
  6. Convenient Caddy: The included caddy provides a convenient storage and transportation solution for the eVac Pro cleaner. It allows you to easily move the cleaner around the pool area and provides a dedicated space to store the cleaner when not in use, keeping your pool deck organized and clutter-free.
  7. Compatibility: The eVac Pro is designed for use in inground pools of various shapes and sizes. It is compatible with most pool surfaces, including plaster, vinyl, fiberglass, and tile, making it a versatile cleaning solution for a wide range of pool environments.

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