K-Star K5-D-TT Electric DIGITAL Pool and Spa Heater for Salt Water, 5 kW

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You will smile when you stick your hand in and feel that perfect temperature! K-STAR Electric heaters, for comfort and heat, when you need it.

5 KW Electric DIGITAL Pool/Spa Heater, 21 amps, max.10,000 US Gallons, 1 Phase, 240 Volt, Titanium Element


K-Star 5KW Electric DIGITAL Pool/Spa Heater for Salt Water
For anyone looking to add a little warmth and usability to their pool, the K-Star Electric Pool and Spa Heater is a powerful and compact heater that is strong enough to provide heat for your pool or spa, even during the cooler months of the swimming season.

As many pool and spa owners make the transition to saltwater systems, one thing that many forget to consider is the impact on their heater. The K-Star electric saltwater heater is specifically designed to handle the salinity of a saltwater system, and provide season after season of heat for your pool or spa.

Reliable and Affordable Pool and Spa Heating
The K-Star K5 saltwater spa heater is a compact and powerful heater that is specifically designed for saltwater systems. The K-star was one of the first saltwater spa heaters designed to allow owners the flexibility of a saltwater system, and this heater is beloved by many pool and spa owners who have made the change to saltwater.

When you see how compact the K-Star heater is, you might be surprised by how much power it holds. But this heater is powerful enough to work on both pools and spas, and its efficient and affordable operation makes it one of the best electric saltwater heaters you can buy.

Why choose the K-Star Electric Saltwater Heater?
For pool and spa owners who want the chance to extend the swimming season for their saltwater pool or spa, the K-Star offers the perfect combination of performance, reliability, and affordability. With simple controls for changing temperature, affordable operating costs and a 1-year warranty, the K-Star Electric Pool and Saltwater Spa Heater is a wonderful way to extend the swimming season, and make the water more comfortable for you and your family.

Temperature control
Operating Indicator Light
High limit manual control reset
Copper grounding lugs
Stainless steel incoloy-sheathed elements for longer life
PVC impact-resistant tank
Winterizing drain plug
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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