The cute stylish design and functionality of the SwimWays Swim Diaper are perfect for little ones just starting out in the water.

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This fully-lined swim diaper with a colorful fabric cover has elasticated leg and waist holes, providing reassuring protection against leaks and a comfortable fit, allowing parents to introduce their baby to the water without the experience of a heavy, water-soaked diaper. Sold individually. Colors may vary. The SwimWays Swim Diaper is part of the SwimWays Swim Steps learn to swim program. Swim Step 1 supports babies and toddlers as they are introduced to the water, helping them stay comfortable and happy.

The SwimWays Swim Diaper is a fully lined swimming diaper that provides reassuring protection against leaks.
Elasticated leg holes and waist for a secure fit.
Cute stylish designs and bright colors babies love.
Provides a more comfortable water introduction experience for your baby.
Sizing information: Large: 24 mos, 22-30 lb

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